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Word on the Street

Sir Kaydian intentionally creates an amazing environment to dance, jam, socialize, and heal, do whatever you need to do. His tunes hold all of the things. Genius transitions, chill lull moments, truly a full story being told. He’s not lying, from sun up to sun down! Even if the dance floor is calming down and most crawl back into their tents, he’s still there, closing the space, ending the chapter. His tunes fit many moods and many moons! more_vert

Merissa Leftwich

Sir Kaydian brings the desert/house vibes 🔊 like no other! You can immediately tell he’s been around the block and is 💯 filed by a passion for what he does! He’s not only fun, he’s dialed and professional in how he handles business. If you’re looking for a DJ to bring the best vibes, book Sir Kaydian.

Constantine Dhonau

For an experience you won’t forget- this is what ya want.

Mike Higgs

The best dancing of my life has been courtesy of this incredible music genius!

Danit Cohen

After watching Sir Kaydian play a badass 12 hour set. Outdoors. In a snowstorm. I knew he was legit. That's it.

Dan Hancock

I crave Sir Kaydian’s all-night desert/forest dance parties! A DJ who plays in the wilderness, and will play til sunrise if you so desire?! What else could a dancing fiend ask for? Not only does Sir Kaydian play awesome music with the smoothest transitions, he’s also kind and professional. He knows what he’s doing!

Janelle Ochs

We have had the absolute honor and pleasure of working with Sir Kaydian for several wilderness gatherings, festivals, and private events and he has consistently been absolutely STELLAR! 

Not only does he have unimaginable breadth, depth, and endurance as a DJ, mixing non-stop for 13+ hours (sometimes back-to-back performances); he is kind, considerate, and helps with anything that needs doing to make an incredible and unique event a reality. 

Sir Kaydian will undoubtedly deliver. He’s worth it.

Deep Steep Tea Lounge

THE HYPE: Testimonials
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